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The New Student-led Christian Group

Students Exploring Very Exciting News
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Welcome to SEVEN! This group was formed in Muhlenberg College in 2002 as a new student-led Christian group. We want to spread the news of SEVEN in hopes that others will pick up on the spirit-raising topic of sharing information, experiences, and stories about God and faith. Students Exploring Very Exciting News!

This community is designed to raise questions and discussions about religious topics, and meant to be uplifting and accepting, not degrading or mean. Comments of this sort are not accepted. Feel free to share ideas of other youth groups in your churches and what they've done. It could be community service, mission trips, fundraisers, discussions, retreats, or roadtrips to fun events and concerts.

Music is always appreciated. Post lyrics, poems, and inspirational quotes so members can comment and use what they like!

Again, SEVEN is an experience in itself - a welcoming group and a haven for all christians who wish to expand their faith and act as a disciple of God in this modern world.

Thank you!